Utica Campus students benefit from Trimble’s passion for service

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Foundation

Beverly Trimble has a heart for serving others, and for inspiring students onward and upward in her role as Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Compliance and Reporting Coordinator, and as a Phi Theta Kappa advisor. She works hard for her students, and it is apparent that their success is her success as well.

“My motto is, ‘if I can help somebody as I travel along, then my living will not be in vain,’” Trimble said. She is also an HBCU Scholar advisor, taking charge of the program on the Utica Campus under a White House initiative that helps underserved STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and academic students work on special independent projects.

“I do this for the members of Alpha Beta Xi (PTK) Chapter because my daughter was once a member and did not get the same opportunity,” Trimble said.

She takes charge of her role in each of these job titles to engage students in further academic research by helping them gain access to mentoring, hands-on training and education as well as travel and enrichment activities. For example, she has been instrumental in helping several Honors students apply to NASA’s educational camps and workshops that give life-changing experiences to Hinds students.

“I want them to have positive experiences that will take them to the next level on their educational journey,” Trimble said. Toward this effort, Trimble is known for investing much of her time and energy into making sure scholars get the opportunities they need.

She also works with students who come to Hinds with less than an edge, and with fewer advantages, like adult students who are looking for a handup in life. Trimble serves as a liaison with Workforce Development at Hinds and WIN Job Centers across the state of Mississippi. Wherever there is a need, she is looking
for a way.

She exemplifies excellence in service to the student body of Hinds as she was awarded the 3E Award in 2021, the highest honor for Hinds Community College faculty and staff.

Trimble, a Utica native, is active in her church and has been a prominent member of the Friends of Utica. Serving others isn’t just a job for Trimble; it is her way of being.

“I love and enjoy working with the students at Hinds,” Trimble said of her ongoing work. “I like taking care of and giving to others.”