New Communications Center helps Hinds speak with one voice

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Foundation

A Strategic Communications Center, a comprehensive initiative to enhance communication with prospective students and the community, is under way.

The primary initial focus was establishing a centralized Communications Center that opened in October on the Raymond Campus. The Communications Center, staffed with six employees, fields inquiries via the 1-800-HINDSCC line with expertise on a range of topics, from sports schedules to financial aid deadlines. “It is also the initial point of contact for all campus lines and departments such as Admissions, Advising, and Financial Aid,” said Director of Strategic Communications Emily Mitchell.

Specialists in the center have undergone comprehensive training to address about 75-80 percent of incoming calls, supported by various resources like the college website, official policies, checklists and FAQs compiled by departments.

“Our team is highly trained and ‘solution-centered.’ We want to remove barriers and provide correct and accurate information,” Mitchell said.

The aim isn’t just to answer queries but to anticipate subsequent information needs and guide inquiries accordingly. Mitchell said the holistic approach focuses on empowering students and parents who are seeing information.

To ensure alignment with the overall college branding and messaging, Andrea Sanders, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, oversees the Strategic Communications Center.

“As we continue to strive to make this the ultimate customer service experience for our students and their families, we will accomplish this with one goal in mind: to help students find their better life,” Sanders said.

Future plans include managing outbound communications strategically, leveraging texting platforms and exploring chat features for the college’s website. This initiative intends to streamline information dissemination, improve user experience and support enrollment efforts.

The overarching goal is to create a unified, supportive environment within Hinds, transcending information silos and embodying a cohesive unit working toward a shared vision. Mitchell envisions a collaborative effort, enhancing operational efficiency and fostering the one-college concept.