Hinds CC establishes Black Alumni Chapter

by | Jan 5, 2023 | Alumni

College students bond through mutual experiences and sometimes develop lasting connections. Hinds Alumni Association acknowledged the significance of those connections and has now established its first Black Alumni Chapter. Hinds alumnus and former employee Ernest Dixon (2010) is the president of the Black Alumni Chapter. He believes the chapter is essential to the cultural growth and development within the black community.

“We are so excited to embark on this journey,” he said. “This organization will assist in promoting diversity within the campus community and fostering positive relationships among the college, African American alumni, future alumni and friends.”

The purpose of the chapter is to reconnect Black Alumni with the college’s campus community by providing volunteer opportunities and encouraging them to assist in fundraising efforts to support scholarships and initiatives that support African American students.

“As a fairly new chapter, our priority is to promote the chapter and increase membership,” Donor Relations & Engagement Specialist Mark Jimerson said. “As membership grows, our goal is to host social and networking events, establish an endowed scholarship for African American students and host a Black Alumni Weekend.”

In his role, Jimerson works to increase the donorship of the African American community by creating opportunities that promote alumni engagement and the development of networking opportunities for collaboration among all alumni chapters.

Through active participation and engagement within the Alumni Association, the Foundation hopes to create a platform that encourages alumni to become donors, whether through supporting a scholarship established through the alumni chapter, establishing their scholarship, or supporting special campaigns or fundraising efforts led by the Foundation.

“Receiving mentorship from the Black Alumni Chapter will play a key role in the success of African American scholars,” Dixon said. “We will work hard to develop opportunities for African American alums, students, faculty, staff and collegiate friends so that we can enrich the future of Hinds.”

The Foundation depends solely on the support of donors to achieve its goals. All gifts, regardless of size, are encouraged and are tax-deductible according to IRS guidelines.

“We catalyze the promotion of goodwill among the administration, faculty, support staff, student body, and alumni,” Jimerson said. “By creating the Black Alumni Chapter, the college creates opportunities for alumni to reconnect with former classmates and support the ongoing mission of the college.”

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