Board of Directors

Pictured from left to right: Percy Thornton, Irl Dean Rhodes, and Dr. Dan Hogan


Irl Dean Rhodes

Vice Chairman

Percy Thornton


Dr. Dan Hogan

David Barton
Dr. Bill Boteler
Carolyn Boteler
Chad Bradford
Peggy Brewer
Mark Buys
Hugh Carr
Ken Coomes
Harvey Dallas

Richard Dean
Greg Durrell
Mayor George Flaggs
Speaker Philip Gunn
Adam Jenkins
Ted H. Kendall, III
Dr. Jesse Killingsworth
Dean Liles
Joseph Loviza

Clay Mansell
Jimmy Morton
Misti Munroe
Nick Olier
J Reeves
Ronnie Richardson
Kelly Tucker
Howard Waring

Dr. Clyde Muse
Paul Breazeale
Jim Richards
Dr. Victor Parker