Dr. Stephen Vacik assumes leadership as Hinds president

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Foundation

Dear Alumni and Friends of the College:

Thank you for the warm Mississippi welcome that has been extended to me and my family during this time of transition at Hinds Community College. Following in the footsteps of a legendary leader like Clyde Muse is certainly a daunting task. Doing so at the best – and largest – community college in the state, in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic…well, as you can imagine, it has already been exciting, weird and scary, all at the same time. But the blessings continue to outnumber the “bless your heart” moments, and for that I am a fortunate man.

With the limitations placed upon us by COVID-19, I have not had the opportunity to travel about or gather together with large groups as I would have preferred. For those that I have been able to meet, I appreciate the extra effort that you made and the offers for continued support of Hinds CC. For those with whom I have yet to visit, I can assure you that it is simply a matter of timing and not desire. Our alumni and trusted supporters are the glue that holds the institution together. Without your involvement, physically and fiscally, we would be unable to sustain our implicit mission of serving all people, in all manner of ways, with all deliberate effort. In truth, we need your support now more than ever.

This public health crisis has negatively impacted college operations. Enrollment is down for fall 2020, particularly with regard to on-campus and dual-credit high school students. This has resulted in decreased revenues (tuition, housing, auxiliary enterprises) as well as increased expenses (health/safety equipment and services, on-line support, technology). And with an economy that has slowed down considerably, additional areas have been negatively impacted, including state appropriations and investment revenues (which fund scholarships).

I do not share this information to create doom and gloom but simply to demonstrate the tremendous value in your financial investment at Hinds Community College. Needs abound from scholarships/direct student aid to facilities projects that need attention, across the college. As you know, investing in Hinds means an investment in students, in the community and in the future of Mississippi. I plan to continue sharing with you, providing specific examples of your generosity changing lives.

Though we continue to be limited due to the effects of the coronavirus, Hinds Community College remains in the business of educating students. We hope to begin reopening events to larger numbers in the months ahead and I hope to see you on one of our campuses, whether it is for a recital, play, student activity or athletic contest, very soon. In the meantime, please be well (keep wearing your masks and social distancing). I do hope that you enjoy this latest issue of Hindsight.

With best regards,
Stephen Vacik