Bellmon retires after 19 years

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Foundation

Vice President Sherry Bellmon (Franklin) retired in December 2023 after 30 years of service in education, including 19 years at Hinds Community College.

Bellmon started her career in 1994 at Jackson Public Schools teaching business and computer technology. She was the program coordinator for Business Technology at the Mississippi Department of Education from 2000 until she came to Hinds in 2004 as tech-prep coordinator.

She advanced into various positions becoming campus Vice President in 2019 and then was named Vice President of Instruction for Career & Technical Education and HBCU initiatives in 2020, adding Workforce after Vice President Dr. Chad Stocks passed away in August 2021.

“It has been a blessing to work with and get to know Sherry. She was the first person at Hinds that Dr. Stocks introduced me to. She has been very supportive of the work we have done in Workforce and she has a true servant’s heart,” said David Creel, Associate Vice President of Workforce Development. “I have had the pleasure of being an eyewitness to her faith and her passion. I consider her a friend and I wish continued blessings on her life. She will be missed.”

Bellmon received the college’s highest award, the 3E, Emphasis on Excellence and Enrichment, in 2018.

With her retirement, Jonathan Townes, who was Associate Career-Technical Education Dean, becomes Vice President of Career-Technical Education. Workforce responsibilities fall to Dr. Ginger Robbins as Vice President of Workforce Development & Governmental Affairs. Her first job at Hinds in 2004 was in that department.

“Sherry’s retirement will be felt at Hind for years to come. During her service to the college, she has genuinely invested herself in people – students, faculty and staff, even community organizations. She understands that one’s legacy is only truly reflected in the life of another,” said Hinds President Dr. Stephen Vacik.

“Selfishly, I wish that she were not leaving; but given that she is someone for whom I have tremendous admiration and affection, I desire that she finds her joy and thoroughly embraces this next chapter of her life. No matter where her journey takes her, Sherry will continue to be a servant leader,” he said.