Band Alumni Chapter seeks active members

by | Jan 5, 2023 | Alumni

For more than 80 years, the Hinds Community College bands have been wowing spectators and grooming some of the most talented musicians throughout the state, but what happens after a student’s band days are over at the college? As of September 2022, the college has a Band Alumni Chapter and is actively building the chapter. “The purpose of the chapter is to cultivate awareness and participation to increase membership so that we can contribute to the legacy and future growth of the band and music programs at Hinds,” said Marty Robertson (1986), president of the Band Alumni Chapter.

The Hinds Eagle band is one of the oldest and most popular student organizations on the Raymond Campus. With concert groups beginning in the 1930s and marching units being formed in the 1940s, the tradition and history of the band are based on quality and excellence.

Robertson has been working alongside Alumni Coordinator Sydney Love and Director of Bands Dr. Joseph Earp, who is new to the college this year, to identify former band members and encourage active membership, which entails paying dues, making donations and volunteering during specific events hosted by the college.

“There are plenty of band alumni out there, but the challenge is getting them to realize the importance of becoming active members,” he said. “Anyone who has ever been a band member is welcome to join the Band Alumni Chapter. Former band members who started at Hinds but only stayed a semester and would like to connect with band alumni should join the chapter.”

By next year, Robertson hopes to involve the chapter in the college’s homecoming activities, but his current focus is increasing the chapter’s visibility in hopes of growing membership. “My personal goal is to also establish additional scholarships in memory of classmates who have passed on, as well as beloved former band directors so that future students with a strong passion for music and band programs can benefit from the legacy that was established before them,” he said.

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