Alumnus of the Year

The Hinds Community College Alumnus of the Year award is given each year to honor an alumnus of Hinds who has distinguished himself/herself by making significant contributions to his community, state or country.
Name Year
Governor John Bell Williams 1967
Dr. E. E. Thrash 1968
Mr. Clifford E. Charlesworth 1969
Mr. A. F. Summer 1970
Mr. Charles Griffin 1971
Mrs. Anne Hardy 1972
Mr. Thomas Hal Phillips 1973
Mr. Tom Virden 1974
Mr. Warren Hood 1975
Dr. Jack Fowler 1976
Mr. Patrick D. Smith 1977
Dr. Ray Marshall 1978
Mr. Robert C. Canada 1979
Mr. Norris L. Stampley 1980
Dr. Belinda Hill Adams 1981
Dr. James Riley Morris, Jr. 1982
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cochran 1983
Mr. Irl Dean Rhodes 1984
Miss Mildred Herrin 1985
Mr. Bill Cole 1986
Dr. Nell Ann Pickett 1987
Dr. Michael Vinson 1988
Mr. Charles Clark
Dr. Robert Clark
Mr. Will Hickman 1990
Mr. O. H. Simmons 1991
Mr. Louis Gene Strickland 1992
Mr. Glen Deweese 1993
Mr. Zig Ziglar 1994
Mrs. Marian Pickett Carmichael 1995
Judge James W. “Jim” Smith, Jr. 1996
Dr. Bill Boteler 1997
Mr. Larry Swales 1998
Mr. Donald Oakes 1999
Governor Phil Bryant 2000
Mr. Liles Williams 2001
Mr. David Barton 2002
Mr. Thomas M. Wiman 2003
Judge Joe G. Moss 2004
Mr. Charles Renfrow 2005
Dr. Albert Gore 2006
Dr. Carl Welch 2007
Mr. Earl Leggett 2008
Dr. Lynn Weathersby
Rep. Tom Weathersby
Mr. Con Maloney 2010
Mr. Mike Hataway 2011
Mr. David Yewell 2012
Mr. Dean Liles 2013
Mr. Bob Mullins 2014
Dr. Tom Burnham 2015
Dr. Wayne Lee 2016
No Award Given 2017
Dr. George Hopper 2018
Mr. Mark J. Chaney, Sr. 2019
Mr. Bill Dunlap 2020
Sheriff Martin Pace 2021
Mr. Mark Buys 2022
Jimmy Morton 2023

Nominate Someone

If you would like to nominate someone for the Alumnus of the Year award, please use the form below and mail or email it to us by June 1st.