Alumni Service Award

The Hinds Community College Alumni Service Award is given each year to honor an individual, group, or organization that has made a substantial, outstanding, and consistent contribution to Hinds Community College through tangible or intangible gifts or deeds.
Name Year
Mr. R. E. Woolley 1988
Mr. Ron Cockayne 1989
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Beemon 1990
Mr. Walter Bivins 1991
Mrs. Anna Bee 1992
Mr. D. G. “Sonny” Fountain 1993
Mr. Walter Hallberg 1994
Mr. Jimmy Morton 1995
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Riggs 1996
Mr. Cliff Nelson 1997
Mr. Ted Kendall, III 1998
Mr. Henry Riser 1999
Mrs. Judy Colburn 2000
Mr. Bill Hogg 2001
Mr. Billy Joe Cross 2002
Mrs. Dorothy Davis Miley 2003
Mr. Albert Moore 2004
Dr. Murphy Adkins 2005
Fred Peyton 2006
Bob Morrison Jr. 2007
Vashti Muse 2008
John Heiden 2009
Rick Trusty 2010
Carol Fox Warren 2011
Keith Ferguson 2012
Hal Gage 2013
Ray Neilsen 2014
Valley Services, Inc. 2015
Senator Dean Kirby 2016
No Award Given 2017
Dallas Printing, Inc. 2018
Dr. Dan Hogan 2019
Ken Coomes 2020
Mr. Bob Allan Dunaway 2021
Mr. Ben Piazza 2022
Jackie Granberry 2023

Nominate Someone

If you would like to nominate someone for the Alumni Service Award, please use the form below and mail or email it to us by June 1st.