Hinds HEROES Nomination

Realizing that all employees of Hinds Community College are in a position to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve, Hinds Heroes Recognition is a program to recognize any employee who is a “hero” in the life of a person. These individuals are rewarded for their efforts to go beyond a job description by being recognized. The program is based on the idea that nominees should be: Hinds Employees Reflecting Outstanding Exceptional Service.

All customers of the College: students, parents, alumni, businesses, industries, community groups, vendors, colleagues, etc., can play a vital role in recognizing those individuals who truly are “heroes”. Hinds Heroes Recognition is designed to promote good customer service both internally and externally while continuing to recognize job performance, professionalism, and participation in community service and activities. Employees must have been employed at Hinds for 5 years to be eligible.